In-Person and Virtual Events

Day: Saturday, June 3rd

Time: 11am - 1:30pm PST

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VIRTUAL EVENT:  Advocacy and Empowerment Session hosted by the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of San Francisco (SCAASF)

Established in 2014 after the death of our founder and CEO's son, SCAASF is deeply invested in improving the quality and access of SCD care. We advocate for our client members in and out of the hospital, teach advocacy strategies, and work to establish a Sickle Cell Care & Resource Center in San Francisco. Our work has received certificates of honor and recognition from Senator Weiner and Mayor Lee. Please visit to learn more. 

Agenda items include: 

  • Dr. Walters' presentation on gene therapy + the upcoming CRISPR trial 
  • Christelle Salomon & Jimi Olaghere share personal experience with treatment including gene therapy
  • Question & Answer sessions


Day: Tuesday, June 6th

Time: 8am PST

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WEBINAR: Optimizing the cell therapy patient journey through integrated CRO/CDMO partnership


  • Panteli Theocharous, Global Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Lead
  • Rupa Pike, Senior Director, Technical Affairs – Advanced Therapies

Abstract: Cell therapies represent an exciting new treatment paradigm for patients, with multiple global approvals expected in the coming years. As with any new and emerging therapy, patient challenges and operating model complexities still require further optimization to improve accessibility. Patient journey mapping is a critical strategy to better understand the key touchpoints that provide opportunities for improvements, many of which can be influenced by CRO and CDMO organizations. Working with a single integrated partner can help ease industry challenges and provide an accelerated path from development to manufacturing, as well as the benefits that come from unified teams and infrastructure.

Join our webinar for insights on the cell therapy patient experience and the role of a CRO/CDMO partner in optimizing that journey through effective collaboration and end-to-end integrated solutions for development, manufacturing, and distribution. Specific topics to be covered include:

  • Overview of patient mapping approach to better understand the patient journey and identify areas for enhanced efficiencies
  • Insights into complexities of the cell therapy ecosystem and specific challenges that must be overcome to successfully move therapies from bench to bedside
  • Opportunities to leverage an integrated partner to streamline cell therapy development and mitigate risks related to manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and commercialization
  • Real-world case study demonstrating improvement of patient experience

Day: Thursday, June 8th

Time: 8am PST

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WEBINAR: Benefits of an integrated approach to gene therapy development and manufacturing


  • Samira Shore, Director of Technical Program Design for Viral Vector Services

Abstract: Developing and commercializing viral vectors for gene therapies is a complex and expensive process. It requires careful consideration of various key elements, including regulatory compliance, process design, specifications, and supply chain strategy. To ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery, it is crucial to understand the critical aspects of this journey and mitigate potential challenges.

An integrated approach to gene therapy development and manufacturing offers several benefits over customized solutions. These benefits includes effective coordination of diverse functions, streamlined decision-making, and improved resource utilization. With over 20 years of experience, Thermo Fisher Scientific viral vector services have demonstrated expertise in moving products from discovery to commercialization through expertise, capabilities, and end-to-end solutions. Key learning objectives are :

  • Understand the key deliverables at each stage of the viral vector product lifecycle
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of integrated solutions versus customized strategies in overcoming development and manufacturing challenges
  • Explore CDMO/CRO solutions for viral vectors from Thermo Fisher Scientific, including different platforms, Quick-to-Clinic, accelerated toxicology path, and end-to-end development and manufacturing