Stem cell research holds the potential to truly change lives. The UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic works to bring these possibilities a step closer to reality by providing stem cell researchers with the support they need to rapidly move their research into human trials and by offering a wide range of trials and treatments to patients in need.

Program Overview

The mission of the UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is to support and advance stem cell-based clinical research in regenerative medicine, with a goal of bringing new disease treatments to the people of California.  We do this by providing high-level infrastructure support to investigators at any point in their research, from pre-clinical studies to active clinical trials.

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Alpha Clinics Logo
Funded through a four-year, $8 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is part of a statewide effort to develop a network of “Alpha Stem Cell Clinics” that can accelerate the development of  therapeutic agents that are derived from stem cells.

The UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic also collaborates with other Alpha Stem Cell Clinics and research partners to expedite stem cell studies by streamlining processes, integrating resources and sharing data.